Laying Hens and Eggs

Our Egg CSA members enjoy the very best, extra-nutritious, humanely and organically-raised, farm-fresh eggs available. Our laying flock (along with our dairy goats) are certified-AWA (Animal Welfare Approved), which means that our husbandry practices comply with the most rigorous humane standards in the country. Our pastured hens are fed Certified Organic Feed, High Omega-3 flax seed and grasses and greens from our pastures, cover crops, and vegetable gardens. 

 A colorful array of heritage breeds brighten up our days and your cartons – including Araucanas (aka “Easter-eggers – they lay blue and green eggs), Marans (“Chocolate Eggers” who lay deep, dark brown eggs) and Rose-Comb Brown Leghorns (known for their foraging ability and free-range prowess.)

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Our AWA eggs are very popular so be sure to order early as we do sell out. We deliver in 2-week intervals, every other Thursday, to our farm coolers at our convenient drop-off location in downtown Bend. Depending on your family’s appetite and your additional baking needs, you can order between 1-4 dozen for your regular (every other week) delivery amount. The Egg CSA is a seasonal commitment and you are responsible for picking up your eggs each delivery day or, if you will be out of town, arranging to have a friend pick up. Our 2021 CSA eggs are priced at $10/doz x 15 deliveries = $150 for the season to be paid in advance.

To join – email:  [email protected]

Testimonials and Reviews


I wanted to tell you how much of a difference the eggs made in the pasta. We didn’t have quite enough for the second night and we made half of the pasta dough with your eggs and the other with store organic eggs. The difference was visible and when the pasta was cooked it was also visible. The instructor from Italy was thrilled with the ingredients we provided and most importantly your eggs.

Ginger Aguirre

Ginger's Kitchenware

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