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We took a break from pigs in 2018 to recoup our losses after our last drove rooted up an array of very expensive irrigation heads!  We love pigs and our clients love our pork. We hope to be able to bring in another breeding pair once we’ve figured out the best, fool-proof facilities. We’ll keep you posted.

Did you know pigs are highly intelligent and social animals? They are very curious, love to play, love to wallow in mud, root and graze, sleep and eat next to family members. Windflower Farm’s litters are a combination of the best heritage stock, bred for outdoor hardiness, foraging ability and for flavorful, tender meat.

Our feeder pigs grow up in family groups and have every opportunity to be their essential selves and enjoy their lives to the utmost. Along with regionally sourced whole grain, Certified GMO-free, Certified Organic-feed; our droves have free access to over an acre of organically-grown, swine-specific forage – a luscious mix of turnips, beets, mangles, alfalfa, peas, clover, rye, wheat and barley.

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We slaughter on-farm meaning our pigs never leave their home and are spared the fear-factor of transport to a strange, crowded, harried slaughter-house. Stress causes raised levels of the hormone cortisol, which, aside from the obvious animal welfare aspect, negatively affects the texture and taste of the meat. You can be assured that your Windflower pig has been raised and slaughtered with love and respect and that you will be able to taste the difference. We encourage you to visit the farm, see the facilities and the animals and let us answer any questions you may have.

Testimonials and Reviews


We just had pork chops. Beautiful!!! I did nothing other than s and p and propane grill. Wanted to really taste them. And we did and they were perfect. Thank you, Gigi, for raising them with love and concern.

Joy Graham - Portland, OR

Former Chef/Co-Owner, Delfina’s and Cafe Mingo in Portland, OR


It is beautiful to work with. The flavor is very clean and approachable and the collagen and fat are sweet and retain their consistency whether the cooking process is quick or long. At the beach last weekend, I slow cooked a shank. Served it with Dutch Bullet beans and a frumento wheat, and some cayenne sauce. It was perfect.

Linda Colwell - Portland, OR

Food Writer and Farm to Table Advocate

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