Windflower Farm, LLC
26285 Walker Road
Bend, OR  97701

Gigi Meyer




Windflower Farm is dedicated to growing gourmet-quality vegetables, herbs, fruit and flowers as well as AWA (Animal Welfare Approved) laying hens and dairy goats. We use only sustainable practices; no chemical herbicides, pesticides or fertilizers. The farm comprises 20 acres nestled amidst ranches and the Badlands, in pastoral Alfalfa, just 15 minutes east of Bend.

It's CSA Time!

Animal Welfare Approved, Pastured Eggs
Veggies / Fruit / Herbs

Laying Hens & Eggs
Alpine/Saanen Goats

Heritage Pigs / Pork

Horses & Boarding

Fresh Local Flowers

Owner/Manager Gigi Meyer has been practicing horticulture and farming for over 30 years, gardening in various climates and latitudes from the San Juan Islands to Taos, New Mexico to Tuscany, Italy.  She embraces the challenges of growing in Central Oregon and wants Windflower Farm to be a regional model for small-scale, bio-diverse, farm-to-table agriculture.