Goats and Raw Milk


We have a small herd of ADGA Registered Alpines and Alpine/Saanen crosses.  We sell raw milk in quarts through a herd-share program. Clients can pick up from our farm fridge or in downtown Bend at Central Oregon Locavore.  Occasionally, we have milking does and weaned kids for sale for breeding, pets, or pack animals.

Our pasture-based dairy operation is certified AWA (Animal Welfare Approved).  Our herd is rotated over 4 pastures totaling 14 acres of organically managed grasses and forage.  The clover, dandelion and plantain that conventional farmers consider "weeds" and take great pains to kill with herbicides, we leave to provide important nutrients to our animals, our local pollinators and the soil. 

We let our dams raise their babies naturally and only start milking after the kids are sufficiently mature, are eating the bulk of their diet by grazing and are showing independence from their dam.  The kids and dams are separated only a few nights per week.  We milk the does in the morning and deliver your milk that afternoon or the next day at the latest.  Only I, or an experienced milkmaid will handle the milking and we follow best practices to make sure that our process meets the very highest health and sanitation standards.  After all, we drink our milk too!

We're selling our 2018 herd-share for $7.50/quart.  Your milk will arrive to the fridge in classic glass quart bottles and the empties need to be returned to us cleaned, at each new pick up!
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